Accurate Asset Registers

Although most companies have some form of Asset Management register many are inadequate when it comes to trying to identify physical assets. Asset disposals, transfers and details are often poorly monitored and documented resulting in considerable inaccuracies over a period of time. Equiptest has many years of experience in the creation and maintenance of accurate asset registers that enables data to be sorted and grouped in different ways.

Capitalisation and Historic Cost Allocation

An Asset Management register can quickly deteriorate and it can soon become difficult to identify individual assets on the register. Our asset descriptions are clear and unambiguous ensuring that physical assets can always be related back to the asset register.

Asset Management Tagging

Equiptest can offer expert advice on a wide range of asset tagging solutions to facilitate accurate asset identification. Whether it is a simple number, a bar-code or QRC we can advise you of the best solution to fit your requirements & budget.

Any tagging solution is only as good as the data that supports it. Our surveyors are experienced inventory takers who can compile an accurate database of assets quickly and efficiently.

Sometimes it is necessary to incorporate a tagging solution into an existing asset register. We have considerable expertise in the reconciliation of existing documentation to a new asset listing. We can build links between the two sets of data and use those links to enhance the asset register data.

Fixed Asset Audits

Sometimes a client needs to physically identify the assets that it owns because asset records are not available or are not of a sufficient standard.

Our experienced surveyors have all the skills to ensure a fast and accurate outcome and have a range of data capture methodologies to suite any situation.