Why should I have an Energy Audit?

An Energy Audit will provide your business with an impartial, expert assessment of how energy is used at your premises as well as recommendations for initiatives to reduce consumption and spend.

Typical areas the audit will assess include:

  • The type of lighting used in the premises and if more energy efficient alternatives are available
  • How heating and cooling systems are managed, reviewing settings and control types
  • Insulation levels to see where heat loss could be reduced
  • The type of energy used to run the premises, and if cheaper or lower carbon fuels or renewable’s are appropriate
  • How equipment and machinery is used, and if savings can be made through more efficient operation

Recommendations will be prioritised by payback period – the time it takes to recoup the cost of implementing an initiative through the money saved on your energy bills. The audit will also show you how energy efficient your building is compared with properties of similar structure and use.

What does the Energy Audit involve?

The Energy Audit will be carried out by a qualified and registered Energy Assessor. They will undertake a thorough survey of the building using measurements, photographs, Thermography and assessing lighting, heating and insulation systems, the building construction type and its usage, to create your Audit Report.

If available, floor-plans for the building are also useful. The audit is a visual inspection and so not invasive of the structure of the building.